Developing A Good Draw Golf Shot

A good golf swing will not only lower your handicap, it will make the game more enjoyable. Now that you have cured your slice and can keep the ball in the fairway most of the time, you can now start working on controlling the ball. Putting the proper spin on the ball will allow you to draw or fade your shots. Drawing the golf ball causes it to hook to the left and fading the ball cause it to slice slightly to the right.

If you have worked hard to develop a good golf swing so why in the world would you want to develop a hook or slice? Most golf courses have dogleg fairways as well as complex set of obstacles that you must navigate around. One way to accomplish this is to use a draw or a fade. For a right handed player developing a draw is much harder than a fade. This is due to the natural ball spin that develops as the club face strikes right to left across the surface of the ball. The amount of spin is caused by how much the club face is open or closed as the hands release and the club face impacts the ball.

Controlling your golf swing to develop a good draw or fade requires a consistent good golf swing. Only with repeatability will you be able to confidently draw the ball on a left dogleg with your irons or hybrid. In order to develop a good draw shot you should use your normal address position, take a practice a swing to waist high through your follow through. Make sure that your arms are fully extended in line with the club shaft. As you look down the shaft your club should be pointed about 10 to 15 yards to the right of your target. If your target is obscured by trees or other obstacle then you will have to make a mental picture of your target location. Most importantly you the blade of your club should be pointing up. Move your club through to the top of your back swing. As you do so will notice that your club has to move inside around your body. This will allow you to make your swing in an inside to outside move. Taking a couple of practice swings will allow you to gain a feel for the correct motion. Now address the ball and repeat your golf swing motion. As a result you should observe a left draw to the ball in flight.

Practicing this golf swing motion on the range will allow you to develop a feel for what it takes to accomplish the draw that your desire. One additional tip to increase your draw is to lighten your left hand grip pressure through impact thereby allowing a more rapid release which will give the ball more draw spin. Another trick is to slightly close the club face to add further draw spin.

Developing a good draw shot first requires that you have developed a good golf swing that is consistent and repeatable. Only then will you be able to step up to the next level of play. Remember to plan your practice with a clear objective. To avoid confusion it is best to deal with one objective per practice session. Keep a log of your practice and include details of techniques and their results. Always start your practice session by reinforcing the skills that let you develop your good golf swing. Remember golf is supposed to be fun and the better you play golf the more enjoyable your golf game will become.