The Bad Golf Swing

We all can’t be pros, but we can avoid making simple mistakes. If you have a bad golf swing, it may not be because you’re a bad golfer! Here are some simple things to keep in mind that may help you avoid a bad golf swing.

Don’t Underestimate The Set-up

The main ingredient in most bad golf swings is not the swing itself; it’s actually a lousy set-up. The address is considered by some golfers to be more important than the actual swing.

The biggest mistake golfers make with their set-ups is that they just don’t pay enough attention to them. This is the kiss of death! If you just run out there and start whacking at the ball, it doesn’t matter how good your swing technique is. Your poor set-up will ruin it for you.

The key is consistency. Your set-up should be EXACTLY THE SAME each time! You should painstakingly look at that set-up and get it spot-on perfect each time.

Some people love gazing at themselves in mirror, and others cringe when they see the bulges popping out here and there; for golfers, I recommend getting over your vanity or shame and checking out your set-up in the mirror. The important thing is that you find the set-up that’s most suitable for you and stick with it!

Bad Posture Is A Killer

Another easy thing that’s often overlooked is posture. Your back should be straight, chin up and eyes forward. You are guaranteed a bad golf swing if you are hunched over the ball, with your head to the ground.

Posture and balance are two things that a little practice can help. It may seem silly, but you should get yourself into good habits. If you practice keeping your back straight and chin up, you’ll get that perfect posture in your muscle memory and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. For more info see

The Dreaded Chicken Wing

Save the chicken wings for when the game is over! While a basket of chicken wings is a nice after-game snack (that you will work off exercising later, OF COURSE!), they are not recommended while you are taking a swing.

A “chicken wing” means that you are letting your arm and wrist go limp right at the most important part of the swing – when you hit the putter. When this happens, the golfer’s arm flies up in the air, and hence it is called a chicken wing. When you do this, you lose all the power in your swing.

To avoid the chicken wing, you must keep your grip tight and your arms extended. You may have a tendency to fold them up, and that’s a big no-no. You might also be doing this because you’re standing too close to the ball. If so, move back a little and see if it feels better.

Go Ahead And Swing It Through

You wind up your body like a tightly twisted coil and let it swing back, releasing all that stored up energy and pounding the ball with it… then, your body stops like a car screeching to a halt, the ball sputters a few feet and your friends say “Good shot,” and try to smile. You stopped too soon!

It may seem like the shot’s over, done and finished, so you can put that club down; but actually, it’s better to swing it on through. The golf swing is a natural motion and you should let it go to its natural stopping point. Swing through the ball instead of stopping short. This will give you more distance and keep you from wasting all that stored energy.

Not everybody can be Tiger Woods. In fact, only he can! But, no matter what your golf ability is, you can always have fun and enjoy yourself. A bad golf swing can ruin your whole day. Keep these things in mind when you’re out there playing, and you’ll be that much closer to golfing greatness!