Golf Instruction Recommendations

Are your golf skills up to par? If not, golf instruction can help improve your swing, and your status on the links.

With the exception of those natural born Sultans of Swat, every golfer can benefit from golf instruction. Consulting with a professional golf pro can diagnose your hooks target the weaknesses in your swing. Proper golf instruction also provides secret tricks of the game and simple mind tricks to help you better focus before and after every shot on the course.

All of the best amateur golfers on the circuit take golf instruction from the pros. You can bet that all pro golfers also received golf instruction along the way to the top. Natural born athletes like the Michael Schmidts and Michael Jordans of the world turn to pros from time to time, to point out faults like hitches in the back swing, or how they tend to look up in their short game. Even professional golfers seek out golf instruction from the gurus of the game when they’re in a slump or losing distance on their drives.

In other words, don’t feel ashamed if you think you need golf lessons. That’s why clubs keep golf pros on staff. If there wasn’t a need for golf pros, these talented individuals wouldn’t be professionally trained and PGA certified. Reaching this degree of certification is no easy feat. It takes years of hard work, study and intense training to be certified by the PGA. The pros are there to give golf instruction and to plan club tournaments, run the pro shop and interact with club members. Even after they earn their stripes, golf pros keep ahead of the game by attending seminars and workshops to brush up on new training techniques.

The very pros that provide golf instruction took lessons from the pros before them. In the beginning of the 20th century, serious golfers from Scotland and England traveled to America for professional training. The PGA was established at that time, to teach Americans to play and spread the gospel of golf. Several decades later, golf is taught and played worldwide. Early golfers from the United Kingdom created some stiff competition.

Golf instruction can help your technique and bring your game up to par. Who knows, with a few lessons you could be on you’re way to becoming the next PGA certified pro golfer.