Effective Golf Training Equipment Isn’t What You Think

If you are like most golfers, you have purchased hundreds of dollars of golf training equipment. How many gimmicky golf training aids do you have lying around?

Now I want you to picture something.

Put all the training aids together in your mind and picture using them all at the same time. What do you think would be the results?

I don’t think it would be pretty and that’s my point.

It’s so easy to look for the ‘magic bullet’. But the magic bullet is staring you in the face. You heard that right, it’s YOU!

You swing the club and play the game…so why wouldn’t you spend the time and money on improving YOU?

So stop buying the latest greatest training aid and focus on improving your own physical limitations.

So let’s get back to golf training equipment.

I’d like to make a couple of suggestions.

I’m all for swinging a weighted club. You couldn’t get more golf-specific than that. That would be a purchase that will give you a high return.

Next on the list would be exercise tubing. It only costs approximately $20-$25 and would be another very wise investment.

The beauty of tubing is the ability to break down the golf swing into as many phases as you like and do resistance (tubing) training specific to that phase.

The next piece of golf training equipment is the stability ball. Any golfer with a bad back should have one.

You can do so many stretches on it, and you can have this in your office, home or even when you travel since it’s deflatable.

And lastly, hand weights. Another term is dumbbells. You can do dozens of golf-specific exercises with a simple pair of dumbbells. The cost is 50 cents a pound and they are very portable.

Other than the above golf training equipment, you could get one, maybe two trainings aids specific to your swing fault.

For example, if you’re a slicer, the Inside Approach is a great device to use right on the range.

But dump all the old, ineffective training aids you have in your garage and focus on what will give you the greatest return on investment (both time and money).

And remember; if you are doing something that’s not working…stop! Move onto something new and different. Don’t get in a rut. Catch yourself before this happens.