Does The World Need Another Golf Pro

There’s a new way of thinking in the golfing community and it just might affect the career choice that you make. The new movement of anti golf pro is starting to emerge and for those that want to make a career out of the sport that they love, it just might cause you to listen to what everyone has been saying.

As a golf pro, your job is to help other golfers be the best golfer that they can be. You might work with them on their swing, their putting and even their sand traps. All of the work that you are doing is helping them to get closer to their dreams of being a better golfer. This sounds all fine and dandy, but with all of the new books and videos available, it almost seems like the personal touch is going out of style.

Golf instruction DVDs and seminars are mainly geared to one thing: making money. Along the way, they might also help the golfer to improve their swing and maybe shave a few strokes off their games. However, in the end, they’re just another product on the market that may or may not work. The videos are neither able to give corrections if the golfer is doing something wrong, nor are they going to be available when the golfer is actually working through what they’ve learned. But a golf pro is a hands-on teacher that can move with the golfer through the issues that they have as they’re actually experiencing the problems.

A golf pro can help the golfer adjust their swing as they’re practicing so that they can build the muscle and memory to be able to take the skills that they have learned onto the golf course. A relationship between the golfer and the pro emerges and allows them to interact with each other in order to create better golf players and better golf scores.

What’s happened recently is that many more ‘golf pros’ are touting themselves as such without the background in the game. These are business profiteers that are trying to get into the high price golf market with flashy slogans and big promises. However, they do not have the skills to back them up. But to the average everyday consumer, they don’t realize this fact and succumb to inferior instruction that doesn’t help them at all. And then they need to move onto the next ‘golf pro’ that they find.

The real golf pros have had to prove to their clients that they are more than just another person trying to make money. You’ll find these true professionals employed through golf retailers as well as through country clubs and golf courses. These are pros that have had extensive training in golf and teaching golf skills in order to improve someone else’s game.

What a golfer should do is investigate the credentials of the golf pro that they have chosen. Perhaps they can look into the classes that the pro states they have taken or perhaps look at their golfing scores to see if they practice what they preach. Any ‘pro’ that touts his or herself on the Internet or via another print media should be looked upon with caution as you can’t verify their credentials or see them in action.

So, if you’re looking to become a golf pro, you will want to make sure that you know what you’re doing and that you can show your prospective clients that knowledge. All of the videos and training books in the world cannot teach golf as well as a true professional can.